• SDI Lesson Plans. 

    Week of 11/13/17- 11/17/17

    Mrs. Abernathy 8th Science

    Learning Objective: Techtonic boundries

    Monday: Stations: Alternate Teaching: Techtonic boundries. 

    Mr. Uhrik 6th Science 

    Learning objective: The student knows the layesr of the earth. 

    Tuesday: Working on Presentation skills

    Friday: Preteach vocabulary for the next unit.

    Mrs. Ferguson 7th Math 

    Learning objective: I can read and understand problem situations in order to solve multi-step problems involving rational numbers using a problem-solving model.  I can explain my reasoning using logical arguments and determine reasonableness of solutions.

    Monday: Alternate Teaching: Reiew testing practices.  

    Mrs. Graf 7th Science 

    Learning objective: Students will understand the difference between plant cells and animals cells. 

    Wednesday/Thursday: Alternate Teaching: Compare/ contrast skills