District Guidelines

  • Student Observing

    Due to the ever-increasing number of requests, LISD will place student observers that lead directly to student teaching the following semester. LISD does not fullfill requests for placements during summer school.

    Requests: Colleges/Universities and program personnel should submit requests for student observation placements to:

    LISD Human Resources 
    Attn: Mrs. Gail Massey Prince
    1565A W. Main Street
    Lewisville, TX 75067


    Please adhere to the timelines listed on the Program Time Lines page.

    District Application and Criminal Background Check: Each student observer requesting placement must complete and submit a District Criminal Background Check together with a District application prior to a request for placement being made. All requests for placements must be in writing and approved by a program supervisor or coordinator prior to submission.

    Lewisville ISD Employees Seeking Placements

    Lewisville ISD is committed to supporting its employees in their efforts to grow and advance. To this end, every effort will be made to accommodate requests for placements made by LISD staff members, when those requests fall within the guidelines previously detailed. In addition, it should be noted that the following practices apply to LISD employees seeking assignments in the district:

    1. LISD employees requesting student teacher and/or student observer placements will be assigned at a campus other than their current work site.
    2. Student teachers and/or student observers employed by the district will not be "released" to fulfill program requirements. It will be incumbent upon the student teacher/student observer to arrange personal time, outside of the regular work day, to complete placement requirements. 
    3. LISD does not place student teachers in paid assignments. 

    Contact Information:

    Contact the Lewisville ISD Human Resources Department if you have questions regarding student teaching/student observation placements. You may direct your inquiries to:
    Gail Massey Prince in Human Resources, at PrinceG@lisd.net