Student Observers -Application

    1. District Guidelines- Review District Guidelines for Student Teacher and Student Observer Placements in LISD.
    2. Application - Print a copy of the required District application to request placement, complete the form, and submit it to the program supervisor. This application will be used to secure appropriate assignments for each student teacher/student observer. [Please Note: Only requests accompanied by a District application will be processed.]
    3. An application is required for each change in program status, e.g. going from a student observer to a student teacher in the district; however, student teachers/student observers completing dual assignments are not required to submit a new application when making a rotation change. [Note: A new Criminal Background Check (CBC) is not required with a status change. LISD requires only one CBC per student.]
    4. Criminal Background Check - Before leaving this site, complete and submit the Criminal Background Check form. Remember, requests for placement will not be processed until the results of the CBC have been received. Individuals employed by the district are not required to submit an additional Criminal Background Check form, since a background check was completed at the time of hire.
    5. Direct all questions regarding student teacher/student observer placements in LISD to your program director (or designee).