What should be expected in the Gifted and Talented Program at McAuliffe?

    GT Brochure 2016-17


    While the Gifted and Talented program has a basis that is intrinsically the same throughout the district, each campus is able to modify the program to fit the needs of their students. This is something that McAuliffe is takes very seriously and is proud. Several years ago there was a "one size fits all" mold for the GT students. Now it has become a more individualized program where each student's needs and gifts are taken into consideration for service placement.

    One misconception of the Gifted and Talented Program is that it is a place for all the "smart kids". If a child is making all high A's on their report card, then they should be in the GT Program. This is not necessarily true. Students go through a minimum of around 6 hours of testing, spread out over several days/weeks, and must meet criteria that justifies them being pulled out of the regular classroom for thinking differently. Several attributes are tested from critical thinking and creativity to problem solving and analytical thinking. A series of academic skills are tested as well.