Program Directors

  • Instructions for Program Directors, Supervisors, and Coordinators

    Review District Guidelines for Student Teacher/Student Observer Placement in LISD.

    Complete the Program Profile Sheet (at bottom of page) and forward completed profile to LISD Employee Services Department, Attn: Dr. Sharon Heier at Please list all persons affiliated with your program (additional sheets may be used), and, include a copy of your program description with the Program Profile. Program Profiles should be updated as required.

    NOTE: When completing your profile sheet, please designate a contact person. Multiple contacts increase the chances of miscommunications and can cause untimely delays in accommodating requests.
    All prospective student teachers/student observers seeking placement in LISD are required to complete and submit a district application. The application should be submitted by the program supervisor when the request for placement is made. Program applications, if available, may also be included with requests; however, only requests using the LISD application will be processed.

    Note time lines for student teacher and student observer requests. Adherence to the time lines will assist us in accommodating requests in an efficient and timely manner.

    Submit placement requests as soon as possible since placement availability is limited. It would be extremely helpful to have all requests for student teaching placements submitted at one time so as to allow the Employee Services staff the opportunity to secure appropriate placements for each student. This also holds true for student observing placements. Submit requests to:

    LISD Employee Services Department
    Attn: Dr. Sharon Heier, Employee Services Administrator
    1565 W. Main Street
    Lewisville, TX 75067 

    Share this information with other members of your program as well as with instructors and professors who may be assigning course requirements, especially observation requirements, to students. It is important that the same information is communicated to all students in a straightforward and consistent manner.

    Program Profile Information