• Week of September 30 - October 4

    Week of September 30 - October 4

    We have had a lot of fun learning about respect during our house meetings! We have been practicing listening with attention and using assertiveness appropriately when we need to. Have a great week!

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  • Week of September 16-20

    Week of September 16-20

    Last week was great! We learned about the 4 Regions of Texas. The students created informative posters of the different regions. I will be hanging them in the hall for all to see!

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  • Week of September 2-5

    Week of September 2-5

    We have another busy week coming up! During the first 3 weeks, we knocked out the Safety unit and the Properties of Matter unit in Science and now we begin Map Skills and Populations of Cities in Social Studies. We have had so much fun learning about Matter, but I am so excited to begin Texas History with your children!

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  • Week of August 19-23

    Week of August 19-23

    Wow! What a great first week! I am so happy to have such a sweet class of Masterminds! We have been really focusing on procedures and positive relationships with each other. We have so much that is going to be happening in the next few weeks so please open my page by clicking on the title above in order to get the information! Thank you!

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  • Week of August 13 -16

    Week of August 13 -16

    Welcome to my Webpage! This is where I will try to keep you updated with things that are going on in our "Mastermind" world!
    Just click on the link above and it will open the information you seek!

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