• Nine Weeks Dates to Note


    Nine Weeks Reporting Periods

    Nine Weeks                                 Begins                                     Ends

         1st                                                                              Monday, August 28                                                            Friday, October 28

         2nd                                                                             Monday, October 30                                                           Friday, January 19

         3rd                                                                              Tuesday, January 22                                                          Friday, March 29

         4th                                                                              Monday, April 2                                                                 Thursday, June 7



    Progress Reports (3 week intervals during the each nine weeks)

    Nine Weeks                   Progress Reports Sent Home

             1st                                            Tuesday, September 20

                                                             Tuesday, October 11

             2nd                                           Tuesday, November 29

                                                             Tuesday, December 20

             3rd                                           Tuesday, February 14

                                                            Tuesday, March 7

             4th                                           Tuesday, April 25

                                                            Tuesday, May 16


    Report Card/College T-Shirt Days

    Nine Weeks                    Report Cards Sent Home

              1st                                                  Friday, November 3

              2nd                                                Friday, January 26

              3rd                                                 Friday, April 6

             4th                                                    Thursday, June 7