• What are we learning this week?

       * Language Arts: We will learn about The First Thanksgiving this week. We will choose parts in the play and perform it in our class this week. I'll send a video of it to you at the end of the week!
      * Writing:  We will continue Writer's Workshop this week with a focus on writing an expository piece. 
      *Social Studies:  We will focus on map skills this week. 
      *Spelling:   We will get our new words on Monday with a test on the Friday after we get back from Thanksgiving. The words are in your kiddo's planner, homework folder and on spellingcity.com. 
       *Math:  We will continue measuring with standard and nonstandard units this week. 
      *Science:  We will continue our unit on Force with a test at the end of the week. 
      HOMEWORK: Homework will go home on Monday of this week and will be due on Friday. Please encourage your kiddo to read 20 minutes every evening!