• Breath Control, proper vocal production and learning about our almost "invisible" instrument is the focus for the first 9 weeks of choir.  - check these out - How the Vocal cords work & Vocal Cords up close while singing.



    Along with learning how to improve our instrument we are also focusing on the following:

    Ear Training:

    • learning to sing a scale in tune
    • learning what the names of the intervals of a major scale (Major, minor and Perfect intervals)
    • using Curwen handsigns as a kinestetic way to demonstrate what is happening with our voices as we sing

    Music Theory: 

    • The lines and spaces of the music staff
    • Clef Signs and what they mean
    • notes
    • rhythm
    • pitches
    • how to solfege our music
    • how to follow our part in an octovo (choral) score
    • begining music sight reading

    Music: Each Choir will have specific music to learn for our fall concert

    6th Grade Boys: *we will sing 2 of the 3 songs

    • Music Alone Shall Live*
    • Drunken Sailor
    • Ghost Ship*

    6th Grade Select:

    • Yonder Come Day
    • Down In The Valley
    • Bound for the Rio Grande

    6th Grade Girls:

    • We Want to Sing
    • Charlotte Town