• Course Fees for LISD Students

    Course fee if taken outside the school day: 

    Psychology - $150.00


    Course fee if taken within the school day:

    Psychology - $0.00


    Lead Teacher: Tanja Smiley

  • Course Prerequisite

    Open to grades 10-12

    Course Description

    Psychology provides a solid overview of the field's major domains: methods, biopsychology, cognitive and developmental psychology, and variations in individual and group behavior.

    By focusing on significant scientific research and on the questions that are most important to psychologists, students see psychology as an evolving science. Each topic clusters around challenge questions, such as “What is happiness?” Students answer these questions before, during, and after they interact with direct instruction.

    The content is based on the American Psychological Association's National Standards for High School Psychology Curricula. The teaching methods draw from the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) teaching standards.

    Required and Optional Assignments 

    There are many opportunities to test your knowledge of Psychology in this course. Throughout each lesson you will find interactive formative assessments that will give you immediate feedback on your progress. Throughout this course you will be required to attend Blackboard Collaborate lessons with your teacher where you will get many opportunities to interact with materials in the course and to prepare for upcoming assignments.

    There are many different ways that your knowledge is assessed in the course through graded summative assignments that include:

    • Frequent Lesson Quizzes
    • Frequent Practice Assignments
    • Online Discussions
    • Personal Journal Entries
    • Blackboard Collaborate Content Lessons
    • Optional Reading Guides in each lesson

    The major summative assignments in the course Include:

    • Teacher Graded Essay Unit Tests
    • Computer Graded Unit Tests

    Semester A Final Exam Score: will be a combined score comprised of:

    • Teacher Graded Essay Exam
    • Computer Graded Semester Exam

    Required Materials


    Technical Requirements

    Technical System Requirements: PC or MAC preferred

    Minimum Bandwidth Required: 128K

    Video Player: Quicktime; VLC Player

    Plug-ins:  Java 10 or higher; Adobe Reader 6 or higher

    Student must be able to download files: Yes

    Software needed to complete this course: Blackboard Collaborate Launcher (free download)

    Pop-Up blocker:  Off

    Caching:  Off

    Browser compatibility: Mozilla Firefox 7 or higher preferred; Google Chrome 11 or higher; Internet Explorer 8 or higher.

    Services for Students with Special Needs

    For students with an IEP/504 Plan, we provide accommodations listed to meet the student’s needs. Many accommodations are built into our courses (extended time on assignments, flexible exam setting). Accommodations that are not already built into the course may still be met through individualizing the presentation, providing guided notes, live teaching/tutorial sessions, phone contact, and one-on-one conversations.