• The purpose of education is the prepare children for their futures, to help ensure successful and independent adulthood. As your student progresses in their academic journey,  you will notice an increased focus on life skills development to include vocational skills. As educators, we have discovered the vital need for life skills development to ensure success in adult programs, employment, and placements.  
     I believe it is important for transition that there is continual, open correspondence between school and family for life skills development specific to each student's needs. Expect for checklists and/or other surveys to come home prior to ARD meetings. I value your input as your child's expert and wish to partner with you in the development of their individual education plan. I want to make the most of their programing. Time is precious. Every moment of your child's education matters and is vital for their successful adult life.
    Please let me know if you have specific concerns about life skills development for your student. And always know that my door is open to discuss your child's needs.