• Health Room Visits

    Students will be given temporary care in case of an illness or injury during school hours.  Please make arrangements to pick up your child as soon as possible if necessary.  Students will not be permitted to stay in the clinic to remain at school.  This takes up necessary space and resources from other students.
    If your child has a medical condition, it is essential that the school be informed.  Please keep current work, home and cell phone numbers for each child on file.   All contact information can be updated in Skyward Family Access.  It is important that you keep all phone numbers and health information up to date throughout the school year.  Please be sure to add an emergency number (neighbor, friend or relative) in case you cannot be reached.  
    WHEN MUST STUDENTS GO HOME (Subject to Change per CDC Guidelines)
    To ensure the protection of all children, any student exhibiting the following symptoms will be sent home: 
    • Temperature of 100 degrees or higher.  Students may not return until free of fever for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medications such as Tylenol or Motrin. 
    • Repeat vomiting 
    • Diarrhea.  Students must be free of diarrhea for 24 hours without the use of diarrhea suppressing medications.
    • An undiagnosed/undetermined rash
    • Red, draining or crusting eyes 
    • Open draining lesions or sores
    • Communicable diseases listed by the Texas State Department of Health
    • The child is unable to function at school or the severity of the condition indicates school attendance would not be in the best interest of the child.

    If your child appears ill, please keep him or her at home.
    The district is not responsible for any costs incurred for medical or dental care, or for emergency transportation.  However, if you are unable to afford medical care, dental care, eye care or medications, please talk to your school nurse.  There are programs within our community that may be able to help.