• Screenings

    Parents are notified of the results of screenings only if professional follow-up is necessary. 
    Parents are always welcome to call for results, a screening or assistance.

    Each year students in Kindergarten, First, Third, Fifth, and those who are new to LISD are screened by
    LISD school personnel according to mandates by the State of Texas .  Other grade levels may be done
    at the request of the parent, teacher or special education department. 

    Students will be screened for the following:

    • Kindergarten:  Vision (Age 5 yrs done by SPOT Vision Screener) and Hearing
    • First and Third:  Vision, Hearing and Acanthosis Nigricans*.
      Scoliosis screening for third grade girls only age 10 years.
    • Fifth:  Vision, Hearing and Acanthosis Nigricans*.  Scoliosis screening for fifth grade girls only.


    Scoliosis Screening (See Calendar for Dates) 
    Scoliosis and spinal disorder screening is mandated by state law for girls ONLY in the Fifth Grade and those girls turning 10 years of age in the third grade. If for religious reason, you do not wish to have your child screened, you are to submit a notarized affidavit of exemption to the nurse's office on or before the day of the screening. Student who do not present a signed, notarized form will be screened.  A parent can also choose to have a professional examination conducted by a physician instead of the school. Parents must submit to the school nurse documentation of a professional examination, which includes the results of a forward-bend test, on or before the day of the screening.  Students who do not present documentation of a professional exam will be screened.  See forms below.

    Prior to the screening, all fifth grade girls will view a video on scoliosis.

           Scoliosis Screening Day:

      • All students must remove their shirt for this exam. For this reason, we require that girls wear a halter top, tube top, sports bra, or two-piece swimsuit top underneath their shirt for the exam day. If available, clothing may be provided if they forget.
      • Girls are encouraged to wear their hair up off their shoulders the day of the exam.
      • Girls will be screened individually by trained health services personnel.
      • A scoliosis meter and /or touching of their back may be performed if necessary.


    Acanthosis Nigricans (AN) * - State Mandated under HB 2989 (click here for more information)

    Acanthosis Nigricans is a velvety brown, rough skin condition usually found at the back of the neck. 
    These marks can indicate that a person has high levels of insulin in their body, which can put them
    at risk for several medical conditions.  Screening will be done by looking at and possibly feeling the
    skin at the back of the neck during vision and hearing screenings. 

    Positive marker(s) for AN will require the nurse to calculate the student's body mass index (BMI) and
    to check the student's blood pressure on two separate occasions.  The results of these assessments
    will be forwarded to parents as a referral recommending physician consultation and follow-up. 


    Other Screenings

    Blood pressure, height, weight, body mass index, growth percentiles, respiratory, color vision, ear,
    neurological, skin, scalp, internal eye, dental and other appraisals may also be done by referral or on
    an as needed basis.