• Playground Rules

    Please reinforce the following playground rules with your children.  Classroom teachers remind students about safety; however, reminding them how to use the equipment appropriately is of great help.  Safety is important to us all.

    1. Please walk on the wood chip areas.
    2. One person on the slide at a time.
    3. Touch Only sports – no contact sports.
    4. Play away from the metal fences.
    5. Keep distance from people swinging.
    6. Walk on the concrete track outside.
    7. Climb on the insides of the equipment (not over or on the outsides of the railings).
    8. Climb up ladders to platforms (platforms are not for jumping off of them).
    9. Climb up the rock wall.
    10. Discourage wearing long ropes, necklaces, or chains at school.
    11. Wear comfortable shoes (flip flops may get woodchips through the soles).


     These rules do not cover every possible situation and you may want to discuss others with your children.  This is a team effort and we really appreciate you being on our team.

    Rules may be updated as necessary.