• Important Notice:  Please do not make medication or treatment requests by email in case I have a substitute
    or have no server access that day.  Please call my office for requests needed that day.  You can reach me at
    (972) 350-4204.


    • Sometimes it is necessary for medications and/or treatments to be given during school hours.  
      Most three times a day medications (every 8 hours) can be given before school, after school
      and at bedtime.  Please check with your physician or pharmacist for recommendations.  
    • ONLY medications that cannot be given outside school hours will be administered at school.  

    • Elementary students CANNOT transport medications to and from school. * 

    • All medications must be delivered, signed into the clinic and picked up by a parent or guardian. 
    • For the safety of all our children, please do not send your child to school with medication in their
      backpack.  Medications may not make it to the clinic, may be missed and not given, get lost or
      accidentally picked up and used by someone else.  Please help us in keeping all of our students safe
      and ensure your child’s medication makes it to the proper treatment area.   

    • All medications must have written parent authorization and approved by the nurse.  All medications
      must be in the original, current, properly labeled container with complete, clear, and legible
      instructions.  Please complete the Parent Request for Administration of Medication Form found 

    • Vitamins, herbs, homeopathic, nutritional or dietary supplements, experimental medications or
      therapies, expired medications, or those not approved by the FDA will not be administered at school. 

    • Students are expected in most situations to be responsible for visiting the clinic for medications.   


    Guidelines for Requesting Medications To Be Given At School

    1. The school does not supply medications for students. All medications must be supplied by the parent and
    approved for use in children according to the packaging label and the FDA. 

    2. Labels must include the following:  brand/generic name of the drug, strength, manufacturer,
    pharmacy address, name of the student and prescribing physician, date dispensed, expiration
    date of drug, and clear instructions for use, including specific times to be given.

    3.  Medications must be consistent with FDA recommendations and necessary for administration 
    during school hours.  

    4.  The physician must have prescriptive authority in the state of Texas (temporary allowances
    will be made for 2 months for out of state students until a local physician can be obtained). 

    5.  All medications (including over-the-counter medications) must have a written request to give from the 
    parent. Please complete the Parent Request for Administration of Medication Form found below. 



    * HB 1688 and HB 1 allows students to self administer emergency rescue medications while at school or school functions with permission from parents, physicians and the school nurse.  A school Emergency Medication Self Carry Agreement Form must be completed by the parent and physician and be kept on file with the school nurse.  It must be updated each school year. For a copy of this form, see below.