• Asthma

            All health clinics carry nebulizers.  If your child requires nebulizer treatments during the school day,
            please provide:
    • A Completed Parent Request for Administration of Medication  
    • Tubing, mask or mouth piece, and medication 
    • Asthma Action Plan (if available) 
           Students may keep inhalers in the clinic or self carry and use emergency rescue inhalers according to
           HB 1688 and HB 1*.  
           If your child needs an inhaler at school, please provide:
    • A Completed Parent Request for Administration of Medication    - OR-
    • If your child will self carry their own inhaler, turn in a completed Emergency Med Self Carry Agreement Form  
    • Asthma Action Plan (if available) 
    All scheduled treatments (inhalers and nebulizers) will be given at the least disruptive time to the learning environment of the student.
    *HB 1688 and HB 1 allows students to self administer emergency rescue medications while at school or school functions with permission from parents, physicians and the school nurse. A school Emergency Medication Self Carry Agreement Form must be completed by the parent and physician and be kept on file with the school nurse.  It must be updated each school year. 

    Food Allergies

    Keeping students with life-threatening food allergies safe at school requires a collaborative effort between students, parents, staff and physicians.  Please schedule a conference with your school nurse if your child has a life-threatening food allergy and complete the Food Allergy Packet below.
    If your child requires accomodations, restrictions and or substitions in the classroom or cafeteria, please complete the "Food Allergy Evaluation and Substition Form" found below and return it to the school nurse.  All forms will be forwarded to the 504 committee for review and approval and parents will be notified of the meeting.  Parents will be required to provide lunches for their child until all documentation is complete and a 504 plan is in place.  
    To find out more about Child Nutrition and the services it offers, please visit the Child Nutrition Department.