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    LISD College Website

    Generation Texas College Planning and Financial Aid Guide

    Step By Step College Planning:

    • College Preparation
    • College Search
    • Appllication
    • Financing
    • Success

    Apply Texas: Online application for Texas colleges and universities. Click on the files at the bottom of the page for more information.

    Common Application: A general application form used by over 500 colleges and universities that is available on-line.

    Counselor Recommendation Packet: This packet is required for all students to complete before an HHS counselor completes a letter of recommendation. Completing this packet will help counselors write the best letter possible for a student.

    Every Chance Every Texan: Compendium of Texas Colleges and Universities and information on applying to Texas colleges and financial aid.

    College for All Texans: Find everything a Texas resident needs to know about preparing for, applying to, and paying for college or technical school.

    Automatic Admissions: Under House Bill 58, students who are in the top 10% of their graduating class are eligible for automatic admission to any public university in Texas. The University of Texas is an exception to this law. Click here for more details.

    Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board: The coordinating board is dedicated to meeting the goals for the state’s higher education plan.

    Destination College: Destination College strives to ensure all students are prepared to succeed in higher education. Collin College, area school districts, service providers, and universities have partnered to increase access to information and educational opportunities for improved college readiness.

    CollegeWeekLive: Virtual college tours and information. 

    Local Contact Information for Universities

    Texas A&M: (817)375-0960
    Oklahoma State University (OSU): (972)770-2321
    Oklahoma Universtiy (OU): (972)444-9218
    Stephen F. Austin (SFA): (972)359-1744
    Texas State University: (214)789-3107
    Texas Tech University: (214)630-8324
    University of Texas (UT): (214)526-1800