• Course Fees for LISD Students

    Course fee if taken outside the school day:

    Art I - Semester A Credit - $150.00

    Art I - Semester B Credit - $150.00

    * Total fee for the one-credit course = $300.00


    Course fee if taken within the school day:

    Art I - Semester A Credit - $0.00

    Art I - Semester B Credit - $0.00


    Teacher:  Marty Kruk

  • Course Prerequisites

    Middle school students must have successfully completed middle school Art 7/8 course to take this high school class.

    Course Description - Semester A

    The ultimate goal in this class is to develop your visual literacy and to give you an appreciation of art. You need no prior art experience to take this course because it is the foundation for all other art. The primary focus of this online studio course is art production activities that will help you gain a better understanding of visual literacy using a variety of materials and techniques. The course also includes a survey of historical and cultural developments in art. This will help you develop skills in observing, problem-solving, manipulating art media, and evaluating art works. Projects and problems in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional design, drawing, painting, and printmaking will help you develop your understanding of the elements and principles of design.

    In Art 1A you will create an Art e-portfolio that you will use to showcase your completed art projects for this class. You will learn art history as you build an “art gang” made up of artists that inspire you and create a web page highlighting an art career that you find interesting. You will begin to develop your skills and knowledge in drawing and color.

    Course Description - Semester B

    Art 1B expands your understanding of art through the use of art production activities that build upon your growing understanding of visual literacy and art. You will continue to increase your ability to observe, problem-solve, manipulate art media, and evaluate art works. You will continue to develop your understanding of the elements and principles of design as you interact with projects and problems in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional design, drawing, painting, and printmaking.

    In Art 1B you will develop skills and understanding of art through the use of studio projects that focus on design, space, and the third dimension. You will continue to build and reflect on your work in your Art e-portfolio. You will also continue adding more artists to your art gang as you continue to explore art history and cultural developments in art.

    Required Assignments, Exams, and Projects

    You will be creating and maintaining an art portfolio throughout the course. The portfolio includes pages such as Introduction / Artist Profile Page, My Art Gang (a page dedicated to artists who inspire you over time), My Career as an Artist (a page exploring how you may fit in the art world, drawings, design, space and 3-D pages. In preparation for these portfolio pages, you will create tech sheets showing your ideas and drafts with the instructor for feedback.


    You will have the opportunity to collaborate with other students and your teacher using online resources like Zoom and forums. These tools allow you to build community in the online classroom and share learning and experiences that enable all students to be productive 21st century learners. You may also have opportunities to meet face-to-face for collaboration, group work, and personalized instruction.

    Grading Guidelines

    This course consists of minor and major grades/projects with this grading scale:

    • Minor Grades = 40%
    • Major Grades = 60%

    Minor and major grades will make up 85% of the course grade with the course final exam counting 15% of your grade. By Lewisville ISD grading guidelines, you must pass the final exam and have a course grade of at least 70 to pass the course. All semester exams are proctored.

    Late Work Guidelines:

    All work within a module is due by the module end date (see pacing guide for specific dates).

    • VLA follows the district’s Late Work guidelines. A ZERO will be entered as a PLACEHOLDER for work not completed by the due date. The zero will be changed once the work has been submitted.
    • Work submitted the first day after the module end date will earn a maximum possible score of 70;
    • Work submitted the second day after the module end date will earn a maximum possible score of 60; and
    • Work submitted the third day after the module end date will earn a maximum possible score of 50.
    • Module Close: Modules will lock down 72 hours after the end date. You may not submit work for credit after the module has closed. Any zeros remaining when the module closes will remain as zeros in the grade book.


    If you earn a grade below a 70 on a major grade, the teacher will reteach, then reassess. In order to receive reassessment options, you must turn in major grade assignments within a module by the module end date. After the reteach/reassess, the higher of the two grades will be assigned, with the maximum possible score of 70.

    Required Resources

    Because this is a studio course, you will need a sketchbook 9x12, pencil, chalk or charcoal, standard Sharpie (black), colored pencils, ruler or straight edge, black and white paper, two erasers, one sheet freezer paper, one bar of soap, one package of Sculpey, found objects, and access to a printer.

    You will also need to have access to Google Docs and Google Sites (included in your LISD Google Apps for Education).

    Technical Requirements

    • Technical System Requirements: PC or MAC preferred
    • Minimum Bandwidth Required: 128K
    • Video Player: Quicktime; VLC Player
    • Plug-ins:  Java 10 or higher; Adobe Reader 6 or higher
    • Student must be able to download files: Yes
    • Software needed to complete this course: Blackboard Collaborate Launcher (free download)
    • Pop-Up blocker:  Off
    • Caching:  Off
    • Browser compatibility: Mozilla Firefox 7 or higher preferred; Google Chrome 11 or higher; Internet Explorer 8 or higher.

    Services for Students with Special Needs

    For students with an IEP/504 Plan, we provide accommodations listed to meet the student’s needs. Many accommodations are built into our courses (extended time on assignments, flexible exam setting). Accommodations that are not already built into the course may still be met through individualizing the presentation, providing guided notes, live teaching/tutorial sessions, phone contact, and one-on-one conversations.