• NOTE:  This is a half-credit course for students who have not taken Foundations of Personal Fitness on campus or through VLA in the past.

    Course Fees for LISD Students

    Course fee if taken outside the school day:

    Foundations of Personal Fitness - $150.00

    Course fee if taken within the school day:

    Foundations of Personal Fitness - $0.00


    Lead Teacher:  Tanja Smiley

Instructor: Tanja Smiley

  • Course Prerequisites

    Successfull completion of middle school physical education.

    Course Syllabus

    Services for Students with Special Needs

    For students with an IEP/504 Plan, we provide accommodations listed to meet the student’s needs. Many accommodations are built into our courses (extended time on assignments, flexible exam setting). Accommodations that are not already built into the course may still be met through individualizing the presentation, providing guided notes, live teaching/tutorial sessions, phone contact, and one-on-one conversations.