FMHS Tech Club Information

  • There are three main programs with the confines of the club:

    • Vex Robotics - You build a robot to do specific function autonomously and driver controlled, played on a 12" x 12" field.  The "game" changes every year so the robots are designed and build new every year.  Competitions are held on Saturdays starting int he late fall and going through early spring, with the National and World competitions held in April.
    • Technology Student Association - This is a national organization that holds competitions at regional, state, and national levels.  Students have  broad list of items they can complete in including photography/video editing, engineering/architecture design/CAD, speech/debate with a technology tone, programmming, woodworking/metal works, fashion design, children's book writing, essays, desktop publishing, web design, and more.
    • First Robotics - This robotic competition changes every year and is larger than the Vex robot.  It has no restriction on parts used.  It is played on a field similar to the size of a basketball court.  There are local region, state, and world competitions.  Recently this event has been added as a UIL event.  Other out of town trips are paid for by the club and students.

    There are monthly booster club meetings for the parents/students.  Also, student officers hold student meetings as necessary.

    The only requirements to participate with the club are to be a current FMHS student and pay the membership fee.  Students do not have to be enrolled in any specific class but they will need to have some skills/understanding in the area in which they are participating.

FMHS Tech Club Monitor

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