• Health information

    Posted by Emily Mathew on 8/10/2023

    Please complete the health information form BTS-HC, part of back to school skyward forms if you have not done it for this school year. Make sure you give school permission for emergency medical treatment and inclue all health and allergy information. 

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  • Wearing Masks: Kindness in action

    Posted by Emily Mathew on 10/29/2020 10:00:00 AM

    When you wear the mask, you are protecting yourself and others around you. Choose a mask that is at least 3 layers thick to be effective. Make sure you wash the cloth mask after single use.


    • Masks with valve, since if offer no protection to other students.
    • Loose fitting mask that slides down from nose - makes them touch it often to pull it up, thus contaminating it. You can put a stitch or knot on th loop to make them fit.
    • Taking mask off to talk - Talking makes more droplets come out of your mouth.
    • Gators that is known to ofer little protection.
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  • Flu

    Posted by Emily Mathew on 12/13/2019

    There is wide spread flu activity in the DFW area and our school is not spared. We had a few absences from flu like symptoms including those tested positive for flu. If your child gets a fever, please keep them home till fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medications. Have a healthy and  happy holiday season

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  • Influenza

    Posted by Emily Mathew on 1/15/2019

      We have several confirmed flu cases in our huskey family. Please check their temperature if your child complaint of headache, sore throat or bodypain. Health department recommend you to keep them home for a temperature of 100F or above, till they are fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medication. If you consult the doctor with in 48 hours of the onset of symptoms, influenza can be treated with prescription medication that decrease the length and severity of symptoms. It is not too late to get the flu shots since flu season lasts through April!

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  • Bug bites:

    Posted by Emily Mathew on 5/10/2018

    Mosquito season is on us and we should be concerned about moquito borne illness like west nile and Zika. Please apply bug spray on the  exposed skin when you go out during dusk or dawn and while going to the wooded areas. Wearing long sleeves and light colors help too. If you get bites, applying baking soda paste to the area as soon as you can helps to minimize the local reaction.

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  • Flu prevention

    Posted by Emily Mathew on 1/25/2018

    I am sure you have been hearing a lot about the flu lately. It really take a village to stop the transmission of flu. If your child gets the flu-like illness, please keep them home till they are fever free  for 24 hours without fever reducing medication. Encouraging your children to wash their hands often and to keep their hands off their face can help a lot in keeping them healthy.

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  • Welcome

    Posted by Emily Mathew on 8/24/2017

    Welcome to the new school year. Hope you have a wonderful and healthy summer. My goal for the year is to keep all Huskies as healthy as possible to facilitate a great learning experience at our school. Please contact me if your child have any special health concerns or needs. Nurse Emily

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  • Flu

    Posted by Emily Mathew on 3/2/2017

    We are seeing a recent spike in the number of flu cases reported to us. The health department advice is to stay home fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medications before returning to school to prevent the spread of flu. Flu shot, hand washing and staying home are the best preventive tools we have. If your child reports not feeling good in the morning, please check their temperature and keep them home if their temperature is at or above 100F.

     There are prescription medications availlable to treat the flu if you start the treatment within 48 hours of the onset of symptoms.

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  • Screening

    Posted by Emily Mathew on 10/14/2015

    Health screenings (vision, hearing and acanthosis nigricans) are in progress. Students in PreK, KG, first, third,and fifth grade are screened along with all the kids new to the district. If a student fail the initial screen, the nurse will rescreen the student and check for any associated health problems. When your child fails the rescreen, you will be notified and get a referral to the doctor.  If you gets a health referral, please schedule an appointment with the appropriate doctor soon to diagnose and treat the reason for failing the screen. We also screen the kids  referred by teachers or parents.

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