Flower Mound High School

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Attendance Procedures

    • When your child is absent from school, please call or email your attendance clerk on the morning of the absence. Please send a signed note with your student, on the morning that they return to school.  They will give this note to their attendance clerk for documentation.  You may also fax the signed note at 972-350-9243.  Attendance offices must have parent communication within 3 days.
    • If you plan to have your child leave early for an appointment, send a note with your student to give to their attendance clerk before school so they can be given their Off Campus Pass in advance.  If you forget to send the note or have an unexpected need to check out your student from school, you will be required to come in and sign the green sheet int he front office.  The attendance clerk will need time to send for your student.  If you call us when you know they need to check out, we can locate your child and it will speed up the process.
    • If your student needs to check out during Athletics , PE or lunch, please make sure to send a note to be given to the attendance clerk before school in the morning.  Please allow enough time for the student to change clothes and sign out so that they are not late for the appointment.
    • Any time a student comes in late or leaves school early they MUST sign in/out with their attendance clerk.  Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.
    • A parent may request homework assignments on the 3rd consecutive day the student is absent.  Please note:  Most assignments are available on a daily basis on the teacher's web site.
    • All day medical absences, checking out through the nurse, and funeral absences will count towards the students 90% attendance rule.
    • Students are allowed 5 pre-planned absences per year (ex. vacation, family reunion, etc.)
    • Students who attend school and visit a health care professional in the same day (doctor, dentist, orthodontist, etc.) will receive an excused absence for the time that they are away from school. These absences will not count toward the student's 90% attendance rule.
    Please contact your child’s attendance clerk with concerns or questions. Refer to the attendance pages in your child’s Student Handbook for complete rules and guidelines.

    College Visits (Juniors & Seniors ONLY):

    • Students should make their attendance clerk aware of an intended college visit via a parent note or parent phone call. Either is acceptable. 
    • Students should return to school with an official college school excuse stating they were at the college on the specified day. The absence will be excused and not counted against their attendance.
    • If students fail to get the college excuse they must bring a note from the parent stating they made the visit. The absence will be excused, but will count against their attendance.