Lakeview Middle School

  • ESL (English as a Second Language) is a program that provides intensive

    English instruction to students who primarily speak or hear another

    language at home. Teachers who are certified to teach ESL use special

    materials and methods to teach those students according to their

    individual needs. The goal of the program is to help students master the

    English language so they can be successful in their classes and take part in

    the total school program.

    Our ESL program at Lakeview currently supports students who are learning English as their Second Language. Our campus is served by one Language Acquisition Specialists who helps to identify students eligible for, and serve students in, the ESL program. We also have a secondary liaison on campus who works with students who are newcomers to the country as they are initially acquiring language and works with teachers of all ESL students to ensure that they are succeeding academically. It is the goal of the ESL program that all students become proficient in the English language and no longer need the support of the ESL program.



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Shanahan, Melissa Teacher Esl Eng/Reading Visit