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Rumor Watch
Have you heard a rumor and wondered if it was true? Or, heard, "the word on the street is…" and wanted to know if it was accurate?

Now, any community member can submit the rumor or "word on the street" and get the facts. Please submit the story to rumor@lisd.net and you will receive the facts within 24 hours.

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I have heard that all Pre-AP classes are being dropped from the high schools - Is this true? (2/25/2014)
This is a rumor. However, there is one minor change with physics.
Is it true the opening of the new natatorium has been delayed? If so, why? (2/19/2014)
My neighbor shared with me there is a committee that makes decisions regarding school closings for bad weather. Is there really a committee? (2/19/2014)
Is it true that LISD is working to fund tablets using M&O funds instead of bond funds? (2/19/2014)
I heard the company that produced the current demographic study didn’t utilize or gather data from the municipalities served by LISD. Is this true? (2/19/2014)
I heard a rumor that LISD has reconstituted its Technology Advisory Council to include 12 members of the community who are professionals in the technology industry. (12/2/2013)
Is it true that the district is getting an updated demographic study? (10/31/2013)
I heard the district is shutting down the Timber Creek natatorium after the new west side aquatic center opens. Is this true? (10/31/2013)
Is it true that LISD used bond funds to purchase iPads? (10/31/2013)
I heard the LISD has one of the highest bond debts in Texas, is this true? (10/31/2013)
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