Learning & Teaching

  • The 1:X initiative guarantees that all students have access to the devices needed to participate.1:X is a trademarked program based on the understanding that students will have the right device for the task at hand. The 1 represents the student and X is a variable representing the type of device(s) used simultaneously to best complete a task to demonstrate learning. The devices listed below are the ones currently being employed by Lewisville ISD.

    • The iPad provides mobile access to a device that allows students to not only access information, but to create content at school and at home. 
    • The MacBook Air allows students to move to a more powerful laptop to create complex media-rich content, iBooks, Google Sites and more. This allows students to combine files and complete more complex tasks.
    • The Chromebook allows a low cost access to digital resources and the collaboration tools in Google Apps for EDU that are used across the district. While it requires Internet access and cannot produce media-rich content, the Chromebook is an outstanding tool to complete the device options in a 1:X environment.
    • Students may bring their own devices (BYOT) from home to use in conjunction with their 1:X device or in lieu of a district issued device.


    To learn more about 1:X, please select a link from the navigation menu, where you will find a detailed Q&A, helpful resources, learning device forms, and more.

    Current LISD approved iOS Version: 9.3.2